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Inclusivity and respect

In Talent Lab bases its relationship with its collaborators, clients and candidates on respect for human rights and protects physical integrity and moral dignity in all aspects of life. The contributors ofIn Talent Lab respect the dignity of each human being and reject any discrimination. They take the time to understand and learn from each other's diversity and challenge our triggering factors and unconscious prejudices, taking their time to discover what respect for others means. The aim is to build strong relationships that produce multiple benefits both in the professional and personal spheres.

Competition is not only a skill, skill and knowledge, but also an appropriate attitude for performing certain work affectively and towards excellence. In Talent Lab believes in the development of extended skills, favors a practical approach to work, improves skills, recognizes individual skills and merits and promotes lifelong learning.

Professional competence and meritocracy

Integrity and honesty

Each action taken and each relationship established, either between persons or layered outside, has a positive or negative effect on In Talent Lab. Professional integrity, honesty and the fulfilment of commitments are the foundation of trust.

In Talent Lab recognizes the work of community duties, along with generating and preserving trust with clients and candidates. In Talent Lab with regard to the environment and society in which it operates by listening to the point of view and requirements expressed by international customers.

Care and cooperation

Confidentiality and trust

In Talent Lab promotes and grants fundamental rights and freedoms, in particular the right to knowledge and exercises organizational authority with justice and without abuse of power, creating an environment of trust for its collaborators.

In Talent Lab applies top-level professionalism and ensures exceptional attention to its members and the market, with a view to establishing long-term and continuous relations based on equality, impartiality, loyal cooperation and transparency.In all cases, relations are characterized by transparency, the search for continuity and respect for mutual autonomy.

Transparency and loyalty